Theatre lessons – life lessons - The no limits theatre – 2008 project

Date: 2008

The continuation of the Theatre lessons – life lessons project from previous years. There were two stages of the project: the first one from January to June 2008, and the second one from July to December 2008. There were complex theatre workshops taking place during the whole year, of which the final product is a performance entitled The Trial 3, based on F. Kafka’s novel. The actors were the disabled; physically, mentally, and intellectually.
There were activities run during the second stage, with an additional group of beneficiaries. They were the participants of the WTZ (Occupational Therapy Workshops) from Prądnicka Street. We hope that the most interested ones will reinforce our theatre team in the future.

Subsidy of the Ist Stage: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (Operational Program: Cultural Education and culture staff training; Priority: Cultural Education and culture staff training)

Subsidy of the IInd stage: PZU Foundation, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy within the frameworks of the specific purpose reserves disbursement – Fund of Civic Initiatives (FIO)