Anti-discrimination Workshops

Preventing discrimination caused by different factors (race, age, gender,  sexual orientation, physical or mental fitness, ethnic origins, religion).

The workshop is based on materials created within the framework of the “Reinforcing the anti-discrimination policy” program.

Major aims of the workshop:

·        Popularising knowledge about discrimination and prejudices

·        Sensitising to signs of discrimination

·        Reinforcing civic attitude

The workshops are directed to:

- NGO workers and activists;

- coaches, educators, teachers, class tutors;

-Teenagers from various levels of education (junior high school, secondary schools, university students)

 - business people: being unique in the world of business in Poland and very popular in the West, the anti-discrimination workshops have a significantly beneficial impact on an organisation’s culture, they sensitise to social problems and reinforce the positive image of an organisation in the community (Socially responsible business).

 Workshops are available within the XS version of 4 hours up to 40 hours of the XL version.