Creativity workshops


Our offer features following workshops:

·        Theatre (run by an actor, director)

·        Film (run by a film expert, cameraman)

·        Photography (run by a fine art photographer, cameraman)

·        Literature (run by a writer, specialist in Polish studies)

·        Journalism (run by a journalist)

·        Music (run by a musician, compositor)

·        Dance (run by a dance instructor, choreographer)

·        Choreotherapy (run by a choreotherapist)

·        Visual Arts (run by a visual artist)

·        Philosophy (run by a philosopher)

·        Creativity training (run by a psychologist, group coach)

·        Workshops using following techniques and methods: Forum Theater, Playback Theater, applied drama, psychodrama according to Moreno (run by a coach, psychodramatist).

The Creativity Workshops are directed to various groups:

- Children

- Teenagers

- Adults

- The disabled

- Business people (increasing creativity, developing creative thinking, integrating a team on a deeper level; an end effect could be, for instance, making a film together or staging a performance).

The workshops are available within an XS version of 4 hours, as well as within a longer series of XXL version.