The team was funded by the marriage: Rachela (psychotherapeutist) and Jan (actor, director) Moliccy in 2002. It was inspired by fascination in theatre and its capability of influenting people, the audience as well as the team. The idea is to work with persons and groups in danger of social marginalisation (the disabled, the youth, the refugees, the elderly etc.) on the performances of value.

We are concerned about drawing the audience’s attention to the artistic values of the performance and not to e.g. the actors’ disabilities.

Our creed is that theatre is a place where other than artisitc (for example intelectual, physical, appearance) values do not matter. To the contrary – disabilities  or some forms of ‘lack’ might be valuable in art.

We are also interested with the possibility of presenting our plays at diverse, unconventional venues (factories, rooftops of buildings). We believe that art can break the space, time, and – probably above all  - human bareers.