Our Mission

The mission of the Wings Association is to restore dignity to the people and groups in danger of social exclusion by means of art, and especially theatre. We assume that what is important in art is primarily artistic aspects. Thus, things like the looks, physical fitness, IQ level do not matter; what does, is the message one has to tell the world. Thanks to the suffering the disabled, disadvantaged and discriminated experience in their everyday life, they have much more to express. Art is a platform where the idea of integration and equality becomes true for real. We also deal with psychotherapy, psychoeducation, psychoprophylaxis, art therapy, artistic and psychological education, coaching.
Every opportunity to get out of the everyday environment (usually turned against them) is a chance for the participants to learn about a different way of life. Meetings make it easier to formulate and express individual opinions, feelings, emotions and desires. We do not, however, work in a void. Often, there are students present during classes, as well as volunteers and people who want to get to know our group and learn about the ways of our activity. We established a custom which says that the participants introduce and say a few words about themselves to every new person. If our guests agree, they exchange e-mail addresses and then stay in touch via popular communicators. Thanks to this, they broaden their social networks, and the feelings of loneliness or lack of understanding vanish.
Our activity lets us discover the real face of each participant, hidden behind the masque of disability. During workshops they not only prepare a performance. They also learn to talk about themselves, get in touch with other people. They take responsibility for different activities – cleaning, preparing snacks, the keys, props, commuting. We go to ambitious and good theatre performances. We have begun working on a text by Martin McDonagh’s, a famous playwright. We constantly try to raise the standards, be more and more demanding. Thanks to this, our participants are better perceived by the society. They have begun to share what they experience during classes. Those, who had previously looked down on them as partners, seem to be amazed at how active they actually are in their lives. They go to the theatre, prepare for the festival, learn the script of the play. They have their own views on various subjects and are not afraid to say them aloud. Right now, all of them are working hard on the new premiere. We hope it will prove to be our great artistic success and will make us stronger.
The Association can boast many realised projects. Trainings, theatre workshops, international cultural exchanges, publication – these are only a few of them, and the range of the activities offered by the therapists, pedagogues and volunteers is diverse.
For several years now, we have been running regular, interdisciplinary workshops for all the participants. This allows for systematic development of our actors, as well learning new skills on the basis of what they had learnt before. This, in turn, makes their participation change the quality of their lives. It helps them to solve particular problems which they encounter every day.
Often, we establish partnership with other similar associations by co-organising cultural or youth exchanges (among others, Luxembourg, Finland) within, for instance, the EU Youth Programme, which means we are always very close to a human being;
we work with people for people.