A review of the “Without Words” performance, published in Gazeta Wyborcza on 28 May 2007

Without words - A Little Bit Different Theatre

"The fact that there are the disabled in ‘Without words’ does and does not  count at once. Why?

We are actually used to performances with disabled actors here in Cracov.  We often can go and see either a staging of  ‘The ugly duckling’ or, for example, ‘Locomotive’. A Little Bit Different Theatre, funded in 2002 by the sides of Wings Association by a psychotherapeutist Rachela and actor and director Jan Molicki, with a crew of 13 physically or mentally disabled people, have done something much more ambitious.

On Saturday in Groteska  Theatre there was held a premiere of  the ‘Without words’ performance, based on 3 one-acts by Samuel Beckett ("Act without words I", "Act without words II" and "Catastrophy"). Though it seems obvious  that  Project like this have mostom all a therapeutical and integretional value, there has been created a piece that can be easily judged by serious scale.

 "Without words",  although not always speechless, tells a story about human limits. It show scenes where people are manipulated from outsider. The scenography is minimalistic. It is just the police tapes that make the borders within the space. Properly combined, they symbolize a kind of a prison or life stages that one has to go through everyday. The most meaningful scene is where  there are people within a square of tapes, trying to reach a bottle hanging from the ceiling. They have lots of ideas but the goal stays unreached. Resigned, they settle down on the floor. The bottle slips down. But no one looks at i any more.

It is easy to read the message of ‘Without words’ through the actors’ disiabilities. Yet it is worth to go further and pond over the human limits in general. Just because ‘Without words’ is a really good performance – not only in the category of the disabled theatre."

Source : Gazeta Wyborcza Kraków - Małgorzata I. Niemczyńska