„A little bit Different Theatre”

On 28.03.2009 journalists from students’ magazine “Manko” showed up during the rehearsal; Mss Kamila Stanisz and Paulina Korbut. They observed our work with interest, talked to actors and therapists. They put their thoughts and impressions into the article which appeared in May release of the magazine.

“It was my first experience to participate in a rehearsal of a theatre, whose actors feel and understand the world in a different way. A theatre, in which actors do not hide behind props, and do not dress up in fancy outfits. For the first time I did participate in a rehearsal of A little bit Different Theatre” – writes Ms Kamila Stanisz in the Introduction.

A little bit Different Theatre broadens minds

Their theatre consists of 13 people. They have already did two successful performances: Little Prince and Without Words, based on three one-act plays of Samuel Beckett. They do not cut corners. Currently, they are busy working on The Trial by Franz Kafka. I watch them and do not see the disability. They are expressive, telling, real. I catch myself thinking that an intellectually disabled person cannot understand Kafka. Why would that be so? They understand these emotions, and know how to show them on the scene – writes Bożena Wałach in Gazeta Wyborcza-Kraków.

A little bit Different Theatre, that is, about people of normal care

“There is an enormous contrast between so-called professional theatre, and this, what we are trying to create here. In professional theatre, roles are assigned as a task, and a lot of actors actually do not like their characters, or think that they were poorly cast and would like to play more prominent parts. Here, the problem does not exist. Each role is such a great experience for an actor that it is really incomparable with anything else”... The interview made by Cezary Sękalski was published in magazine “Integracja” (Integration).

Society of non-indifferent

The Wings Association is a young one, it was registered on 31 X 2003. However, the activity of people who established it has been on for a few years” – wrote Rachela Molicka, chairman of the association in the letter asking for support. Together with her husband, Jan she runs “A little bit Different Theatre” where disabled people perform: with Down’s syndrome, after cerebral palsy, physically and mentally disabled, of moderate as well as severe condition. Theatre group works within the Association, which stands for organisational and financial basis. The article written by Ms Katarzyna Strączek was published in a monthly magazine “Znak” (Sign)


Artykuł w miesięczniku Znak

Cezary Sękalski’s interview: “A little bit Different Theatre”

Journalist Cezary Sękalski had a long conversation with Mrs Rachela Molicka and Mr Jan Molicki, co-founders – together with Beata Kuś – of the Wings Association and A little bit Different Theatre. In general, a theatre formed by the disabled does not bring associations of any deeper aesthetic experiences. Normally, such persons show on the scene dressed up, for example, as vegetables, fruit, animals, etc., and the text sounds from the loudspeakers, read by a fit person. The role of the “actors” usually comes down to passive standing on the scene, sometimes singing a song, or swaying in the rhythm  of a melody...”

The interview appeared in “Gość niedzielny” magazine (Sunday Guest).